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Business Center for Global Filipinos, Corp. (BCGF) , formerly Remspec, Inc., is a management consulting firm, primarily interested in providing assistance in the creation and development of more successful Filipino owned companies. In this time of globalization, small and medium size companies are having a harder time to compete. We envision to be the best ally of SME Filipino companies in increasing their bottom line profits and turning around underperforming companies.

Our company, Business Center for Global Filipinos, Corp., formerly Remspec, Inc., specializes in providing SMEs, business solutions that increase personnel efficiency, lower down costs, expand market share to maximize bottom line profits.

More than 25 Years Experience

The Business Center For Global Filipinos, Corp. (BCGF) is the reinvention of the 22-year-old company Remspec, Inc. (established 1992), which was retired because the latter no longer perfectly reflects the present projects and vision of the company. REMSPEC is an acronym for the services that the company offered and was known by stakeholders in the tourism industry. Its clients, most belonging to the top 5000 companies in the Philippines, knew the company as a Resorts & Events Marketing Specialist. BCGF, to pursue its vision of providing more services to more industries and also to expand its market globally, was incorporated in April, 2018

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Expert Advise from Start to Profits

BCGF, in its early days as REMSPEC, began as a marketing agency that specialized in managing corporate events in hotels, resorts and theme parks. It eventually graduated as a wholesaler of resorts and hotels, serving either as Manila Booking Office, Online Marketing Arm or Exclusive Reservation Office. It served prestigious properties like the 500-room 5-star property, Legenda Hotel in Subic Freeport Zone, owned by an International Chain of Malaysian Hotels, the Legend International Resorts, Ltd.); a class “AA”- 3-hectare property, Whiterock Beach Resort & Hotel; Club Morocco Country Club owned by Sta. Lucia Properties; Waterfun Waterpark that pioneered theme parks in the south; Westnuk Beach Resort owned by the National Power Corporation and many more. While BCGF has helped many multi-million companies, we always will have a soft spot to help business start-ups.

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Why choose us

Passion for Excellence & Customer Satisfaction

BCGF provides Experts and Consultants, with a minimum of 10 years in their field, to troubleshoot your business problems.

Professionalism and Integrity

We uphold the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in all of our plans, objectives, projects and actions.

Quality & Reliability

We provide outstanding products, services and solutions offering premium value to our customers and clients.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We seriously take our corporae social responsibility through projects to provide for the marginalized sector of society, and promote love for God, country, and fellowmen.

Partners & Affiliates

Canyon Cove

Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa Online Marketing Arm

Since 2010, REMSPEC, now BCGF, is managing one of the Official Websites of Canyon Cove Beach Resort Hotel & Spa, and have been assisting many of Canyon’s corporate and group clients book their events. Besides hotel reservation, BCGF makes arrangements for other event incidentals like transportation charter, wedding and other private events management, live music bands and celebrity appearances, team building facilitation and other requirements requested by our clients.

Go well store

Go Well Drugstore & Pharmaceutical Trading

Go Well Drugstore & Pharma Trading is a 13 year old pharmaceutical company that has provided drugs, natural wellness products, wellness and health workshops, nutritional microscopy and other health services to all market segments. As part of their strategy, they have contracted the services of the Business Center for Global Filipinos, Corp., to expand their revenues through the development of aggressive sales and marketing strategies and infusion of additional expand their distribution channels.

iLEAD (Life Empowerment Achieves Destiny)

BCGF was contracted by iLEAD (Life Empowerment Achieves Destiny, Inc.), a company incorporated by and comprised of U.S. Certified John Maxwell Trainers, as its Official Marketing Arm. iLEAD is engaged in the business of Human Resources Development and Training Activities by providing an array of innovative and diverse programs through learning and development, speaking and coaching to increase individual and organizational effectiveness, and to support the clients' commitment to their personal, professional development, organizational enrichment and over-all growth.

CLAROSE Multi-Purpose Cooperative

Clarose Multi-Purpose Cooperative is a legally registered organization under the Cooperative Development Authority with Certificate of Registration Number 9520-16015964 or CIN Number 0105161527 issued on 10th day of August 2010. As part of its expansion program, Clarose appointed BCGF as its Sales & Marketing Arm to develop its market for companies requiring manpower services and also develop the other business lines and services to provide the Cooperative members.

EU.CARE Blocks

EU.CARE Blocks is a tradename owned by the Business Center for Global Filipinos, Corp. (BCGF). EU.CARE Block is a patented and multi-awarded prefabricated concrete block. It is a Filipino invention with features greater than the leading prefab brands. EU.Care Block’ technology is the revolutionary invention of Arch.Eduardo P. Urcia. The invention was improved and customized for our manufacturing franchisees’ and clients’ requirements by our team of expert engineers headed by Engr.Dante c. Valencia.

Adopt-A-School Program

BCGF is involved with the “Adopt A School” Program of the Department Of Education via the “Angat-Eskwelahan, Angat- Bayan” Project of Remspec Foundation as the latter’s Marketing Arm and Event Management Company. In partnership with ILEAD, a training company composed of John Maxwell Cerfied Trainers in training public school teachers and student councils of public schools on the 21 Laws of Effective Leadership geared to develop the leadership and coaching skills of our public school teachers and also training the future leaders of of our country.

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