The Board of Directors

Gabriel Angelo A. Cabonce

Corporate Treasurer
Areas of expertise
  • Music Talent Management
  • Culinary Product Development
  • Conservatory of Music, University of Sto. Tomas
  • Culinary and Asian Cuisine, Center for Asian Culinary Studies

Gabe, being a major capital shareholder in BCGF, was appointed Corporate Treasurer in 2018.  His many years working as a professional musician has finally landed him a job as part of the entertainment crew of a top international luxury liner.  Being exposed in his early teens to the catering and restaurant business that his parents owned way back in the 1990s, he also decided to take up culinary studies under the famous Chef Gene.  During his vacation, he contributes to the development of food products that can be marketed by BCGF to the general market.

We have helped Music Bands find gigs and help improved dishes of food companies to become bestsellers. BCGF find pleasure in helping start-up companies grow big.

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