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The BUSINESS CENTER FOR   GLOBAL FILIPINOS, CORP. (BCGF) is the reinvention of the 22- year-old company REMSPEC, INC. (estab. 1992), which was retired because the latter no longer perfectly describes the present projects and vision of the company. REMSPEC is an acronym for the services that the company offered to the stakeholders in the tourism, food and events industries. REMSPEC’s clients, mostly belonging to the top 5000 companies in the Philippines, knew the company as a Resorts & Events Marketing Specialist. To pursue the company’s current vision of providing more services to more industries and expand its market globally, the Business Center for Global Filipinos, Corp. was incorporated in April, 2018 as as full-blown management consulting and marketing company.   BCGF, in its early days as REMSPEC, began as a marketing agency that specialized in managing corporate events in hotels, resorts and theme parks. It then transitioned to handling hotel and resort operations especially for processes that that venue‘s facilities or staff cannot handle  particularly volume  catering    requirements   through   its  food company, Islands Bistro Catering Services; entertainment needs for celebrities, live music and dance shows, design for event teasers and registration system, among others.  REMSPEC eventually graduated as a wholesaler of resorts and hotels, offering to the general public, the products and services of its Principals serving either as Manila Booking Office, Online Marketing Arm or Exclusive Reservation Office. It served prestigious properties like the 500- room 5-star property, Legenda Hotel in Subic Freeport Zone, owned by an International Chain of Malaysian Hotels, the Legend International Resorts, Ltd.); a class “AA”- 3-hectare property, Whiterock Beach Resort & Hotel; Club Morocco Country Club owned by Sta. Lucia  Properties; Waterfun Waterpark that pioneered theme parks in the South; Westnuk Beach Resort owned by the National Power Corporation and many more. One of its more challenging feats was being the Official Marketing Arm of the Greater Subic Bay Tourism Bureau marketing all tourism stakeholders in Bataan, Zambales and Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

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BCGF’s President and current CEO, Desiree Joy B. Alcala, is a veteran in the hospitality industry having started her career as a hotelier during her college years in the early 1980s. Her parents  owned  Tayabas  Bay  Beach  Resort,  a most frequented family-run business in Sariaya, Quezon where she honed her skills taking part in running the different departments of the resort, from housekeeping to accounting, daily administrative operations to sales and marketing functions. Their family business’ success encouraged other land owners to build their own resorts until Sariaya, Quezon was declared by the Department of Tourism as a major tourism zone of Quezon Province. As TBBR’s former Sales Manager, Ms. Alcala was responsible for bringing in a multitude of big and multinational corporate clients that include Nestle, Sharp Philippines, Wyeth Philippines, Triumph, Toyota, Motorolla, Coca-cola, Smart Telecommunications, United Laboratories, Toyota, Uniden and Motorola, just to name a few.

Having gathered quite a pool of clients during her TBBR days, it was then just so easy for Ms. Alcala to grow Remspec Marketing, a sole proprietor’s business in 1992, to a successful marketing and a one-stop shop event requirements corporation in August, 1995. Expanding beyond the different products and services offered by Remspec, Inc., which included the management of hotels and resorts, Public Relations, Tri-Media Advertising, Web and other IT Business solutions services. Its expansion through partnerships with its major suppliers, principals, and consultants, in its capacity as a business consulting firm, marketing agency, or equity provider, includes Business Permits and license Processing; Government Liaison Services; HR Training and recruitment, and Product Management.

While Remspec was more popular in the hospitality , food and events industries, BCGF now envisions to get into providing these services to more diverse industries. BCGF has applied and secured from the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) the following trade names to mark its territories :

Culinary & Beverage Creations

Culinary & Beverage Creations, that acts as resort and hotel catering and/or canteen/restaurant concessionaire to cater to the F&B needs of the resorts, hotels and companies. Remspec, through its first food company, Islands Bistro & Catering Services, has been catering to companies’ food needs since 1995 as catering and/or restaurant concessionaire of resorts and hotels;

Philippine Travel & Tour Operators

Philippine Travel & Tour Operators, to assist players in the tourism industry to expand their market for ticketing, visa processing, etc.

Beauty & Wellness Professional Services

Beauty & Wellness Professional Services, to cater to health, wellness and body aesthetics. With the economic and health disaster created by Covid19, BCGF now offers more affordable Covid19 testing, Covid19 Cures (Vitamin C with Zinc, Alkaline Mineral Water, Ivermectin), mobile clinics and more;

Credit Busters

Credit Busters, to provide advise for those that are having credit problems and providing solutions on how to settle their loans besides providing financial and investment advise

GR BRAINS Consultants & Experts

GR BRAINS Consultants & Experts is BCGF’s Training Division. We provide Team Building Facilitation, Office Personnel Skills Development, Apprenticeship Programs for tertiary graduating students, Motivational and Selling Skills Development among others.

Hanapbuhay, Kita, ATBP.

Hanapbuhay, Kita, ATBP. is a tradename owned by the Business Center for Global Filipinos, Corp. (BCGF), a management consulting company and a leading provider of marketing services backed up by more than 30 years of sales and marketing experience. 2019 was the year that BCGF decided to reach out to people, specially Filipinos, that need financial independence, providing them a very simple way of having and growing their own business.

Philippine Explorer, Travel & Events

Philippine Explorer, Travel & Events is BCGF’s events management division catering to the general public’s need need for leisure, entertainment and investment opportunities.

Eucare Blocks

EUCARE.BLOCKS to find investors for a patented, multiawarded and multicertified precast concrete block that is envisioned totake over the hollow blocks and prefabricated concrete blocks indutry and provide affordable durable homes to the poor;

Remspec Foundation

Remspec Foundation is the charitable arm of Remspec, Inc. and will soon be renamed as “BCGF Foundation”. All the projects of BCGF has Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a core element because we believe that helping the less fortunate is our way of giving back and showing gratitude for all the blessings that the Divine has entrusted to us. Included in BCGF’s charity projects are livelihood programs, feeding and medical missions, development trainings for public school teachers, agricultural programs that are geared to provide cheaper food prices the marginalized segment of our society. We have programs for subsidized trainings for OFWs that will be conducted in their country of work to transform them into entrepreneurs. We envision the reuniting of families as BCGF help them finance, manage and market their products and/or services.

Past Events & Projects

Greater Subic Bay Tourism Bureau

In the effort to transform Subic Bay Freeport Zone into one of the country’s premiere tourist stopovers, the tourism stakeholders comprised of government and non-government companies established the Greater Subic Bay Tourism Bureau. The new Subic Bay Tourism Planning Board is composed of representatives of different hotels, resorts, restaurants, duty- free shops, tourist attractions, travel agents and tour operators with the participation of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) as representative from the government sector. Our company’s services have been contracted to expand its membership base and provide online marketing and promotional services to its member establishments that come from the whole of Zambales, Bataan and Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Remspec was Greater Subic Bay Tourism Bureaus Official Marketing Arm from 2003 to 2010 and was responsible in developing its members’ reservation web portal,

Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

When an old worn out resort which earned much negative reviews in the past relaunches with a new name, how do you get the market beefed up in the shortest time? When Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort launched back into the market, the new owners made a good choice in choosing Remspec, Inc. as its exclusive marketing arm. In few weeks of aggressive promotion, Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort topped the “Ang Pinakapatok na Summer Get-Away list of QTV11. Doing its summer packages, website design, an attractive summer logo and sales collaterals, Remspec Inc once again proved it can get new resorts and hotels successfully making profits in the shortest time possible.

Sykes-Asia’s Company Event

Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

When an old worn out resort which earned much negative reviews in the past relaunches with a new name, how do you get the market beefed up in the shortest time? When Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort launched back into the market, the new owners made a good choice in choosing Remspec, Inc. as its exclusive marketing arm. In few weeks of aggressive promotion, Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort topped the “Ang Pinakapatok na Summer Get-Away list of QTV11. Doing its summer packages, website design, an attractive summer logo and sales collaterals, Remspec Inc once again proved it can get new resorts and hotels successfully making profits in the shortest time possible.

HanapbuhayKitaAtbp. Trade Fair

HanapbuhayKitaAtbp. Trade Fair

HanapbuhayKitaAtbp. Trade Fair was a project of the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines (DSAP) to feature the livelihood and career opportunities offered by its members. Remspec, Inc. worked out a partnership with ABS-CBN (one of the top TV Networks in the Philippines) as Official Media Partner plus other major broad sheet papers. and DSAP (Direct Selling Association of the Philippines) HBKA Business Fair 2005. It envisions helping more people develop or expand their business and discover their career breaks. The business club will be a Remspec Official Affiliate System Marketing tool to reach an even bigger market for all our products and services. It shall include an online mall (under construction) where our club members can buy, trade and do other businesses. We will be having business, legal, public relations and other experts online to assist our club members in successfully managing their ventures. We are designing a marketing campaign across various media channels in preparation for its launch.

Jollibee Christmas Parties

Jollibee Christmas Parties and Jollibee GC Incentives

Remspec has been accredited by Jollibee to push Jollibee Christmas Parties and Jollibee GC Incentives to its pool of corporate clients, partner venues and accredited travel-tour agency partners and MICE organizers. While Jollibee will provide its products during corporate or private events, Remspec will make it more convenient to party/event organizers to manage their functions by providing all the other event requirements (e.g. alternative function venues, sounds/lights/stage, entertainers, full catering set-ups, tents, food items/arrangement not provided by Jollibee (e.g. cakes, bottomless drinks, cocktails, etc.)

John F. Kennedy Global Job Expo

John F. Kennedy Global Job Expo

With the fast expansion of the Business Process Outsourcing Industry demands for qualified employees (and about only 5% of applicants pass the screening tests), JFK Center Legacy Foundation contracted the project, event management and marketing services of Remspec, Inc. to successfully launch their subsidized training program. Recent trainings were conducted in St. Paul – Tuguegarao, St. Paul – Quezon and STI-Cagayan de Oro. These initial effective events brought Remspec and these universities to draw up plans to integrate JFK’s BPO Skills Enhancement Training Program to the school curriculum as a requirement for the graduating class, increasing the students’ chances to land a high-paying job after graduation. Remspec, besides the marketing and project management services, designed the training materials, final curriculum, provided majority of the facilitators/trainers, website design & development, cost-effective media advertisements, and consultancy services in the area of effective operation planning.

Club Morocco Beach Resort & Country Club

Club Morocco Beach Resort & Country Club

In its bid to bring in more dynamic campaign strategies to maximize the sales and promotion of its premier leisure project, Sta. Lucia Property Management Inc. (SLMPM), a subsidiary of Sta. Lucia Realty and Development, has tapped the exclusive marketing services of hospitality events expert Remspec Inc. for Club Morocco Beach Resort & Hotel in Subic Zambales.

Beverage & Culinary Creations

Beverage & Culinary Creations

Beverage & Culinary Creations, Inc. provides efficient catering of beverage requirements to BPO companies. Remspec’s marketing expertise has been contracted to promote their more cost efficient, reliable 24/7 beverage service — Beverage Creations (formerly Beverage Brothers), whose initial products include brewed coffee, iced tea with flavor variants and assorted juice drinks. Steps are also being undertaken in the development of its pastry line as recommended by Remspec to maximize their profits in Call Centers and other BPO companies.

White Rock Resort-Hotel

White Rock Resort-Hotel

Remspec, Inc. was the Ortigas-based extension office for promotion to corporate accounts of the classiest beach hotel in Subic, Zambales — a 5.7 hectare property with overnight facilities for a group of 500 guests and day and tour facilities that can accommodate 4000 guests at one time. Remspec is now on top of handling the online promotion of the White Rock Resort website,, which has made it to the top rankings in Yahoo, Google and MSN search engines. We have served as its extension sales department from year 2003 to year 2006 and our success rate was so high that our office, instead of the resort’s main sales department, is more known to corporate accounts as the White Rock Resort Hotel official reservation office. Remspec designed White Rock’s privilege club features, among other marketing activities to include out-bound calls (VOIP) to international travel agencies, tri-media advertisement production and design of other sales collaterals.

Legend International Resorts, Ltd. Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

Remspec, Inc. contracted a Sales and Marketing Agreement with Legenda Hotel Properties — a four star hotel in the Subic Freeport Zone. Remspec provided conventional corporate sales services, tri-media exposure, online marketing thru the development and management of its website, and the development of its local and international travel agency network. Remspec Food Services also supported LILR for its volume event food requirements.

Water Fun Resort

The resort that started the giant swimming pool waves craze contracted Remspec for exclusive marketing of its facilities, resort management and media promotion consultancy. Remspec also provided services for the resort’s in-house catering and restaurant concession serving thousands of guests especially during weekends.

Tayabas Bay Beach Villa & Resort

The Tayabas Bay Beach Villa & Resort was the pioneer resort of Sariaya, Quezon and started off the flocking of many multinational companies in the area. This led to the springing up of many resorts in the said locale and finally having Sariaya declared a “tourist zone” by the Department of Tourism. Remspec provided exclusive marketing and management services along with its Restaurant and Food Catering Services during the effectivity of its contract.

Baywatch Palm Beach Resort

Remspec provided exclusive marketing, Catering Food Services for volume food requirement, management and media promotion consultancy services for this German owned Class “AA” resort.

Besttravelsaver, Inc.

Provided the database for resorts and hotels that, Inc., an ARCON Group Holdings Company, needed for their online reservation system. Included the overseeing of the design of Days Hotel Chain of Hotels in the Philippines.

Rosegold Hotel & Resort

A white-sand beach resort located in Calatagan, Batangas. The Resort unique features include floating cottages built over sea water with fantastic view of aquamarine floor and the capacity to handle 5000 guests at a time. It contracted the services of Remspec as its Exclusive Metro Manila Marketing Office. Remspec provided the design of brochures, the website and venue packages, corporate sales and development of travel agency network, management consultancy service to improve its administrative system, housekeeping procedures and food and beverage department operations. (Website Address: www.rosegoldbeachresort. com). The previous owner of this place has offered to buy back this property and contacted Remspec to enter into another Exclusive Marketing Agreement should the purchase be successful.

Corporate Milestones

2020 HKA Privilege Club - BCGF's Response to Covid19​
2018 REMSPEC Reinvented as Business Center for Global Filipinos
2010 Appointed Exclusive Mktg Arm- Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort
2010 Appointed Exclusive Marketing Arm - Club Morocco Beach Resort (Sta Lucia Properties)
2010 Appointed as Exclusive Marketing Arm - West Nuk Beach Resort (NPC Properties)
2003-2009 Appointed Exclusive Marketing Office - Rosegold Beach Resort
2007 Appointed Online Marketing Arm - Legend Intl. Resort -SBFZ
2005 JFK Center BPO Training Project Planner & Executor
2008 Appointed Manila Booking Office - Mountain Bays Touch Resort
2007 Appointed Online Marketing Arm - Legend Intl. Resort -SBFZ
2006-2009 Appointed as Online Marketing Arm -Greater Subic Tourism Bureau
2003-2006 Appointed Sales Extn Office - White Rock Resort
2005 Partnership with DSAP and ABS-CBN on HanapbuhayKitaATBP Business Fair
2004 Establishment of Remspec Foundation
1998 recognition through general sales agency appointments
1998 Appointment as Official Caterer and Restaurant Concessionaire - Waterfun Theme Park
1997 Appointment - Exclusive Marketing Arm - Waterfun Theme Park (San Jose Builders)
1996 Expansion to restaurant concession & food catering services
1995 Appointment as Exclusive Marketing Arm - Baywatch Beach Resort
1995 Incorporation of Remspec, Inc.
1992 Establishment of Remspec Marketing, a sole proprietorship business
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