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Starting A Business

Let us help you start your business the right way while keeping good standing with government compliances and the community. We'll help you avoid wasting valuable time and investments by guiding you to profit.

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Management & Development

Increase your bottom line profits and improve performances through product improvement, market development, cost-efficient operations, effective strategies, and trainings.

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Business Growth & Expansion

So you’ve started your business but profits are not going the way you expected? We'll show you how to increase sales and bring down overhead expenses with effective strategies that would expand your reach.

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Government Reports

Why worry about government reports? Keep all your reports updated with SEC, Municipal Government, BIR, SSS, DOLE, etc. to avoid penalties.

Licensing & Permits

Starting your permits wrong can lead to higher taxes, unnecessary costs and future sanctions from the government. Leave everything to us.

Market Study & Research

Know what the market wants to increase your gross sales.

Feasibility Study

Don't risk your investments by not having a proper feasibility on your business. Learn how to topple your competitors.

Affordable Offices

We provide affordable offices thats perfect for start-up companies and provision for bigger spaces at the heart of top commercial districts.

Business Troubleshooting

Whatever your business hurdles are, we sure have an expert available to give you the best solutions.

Understanding ROI

Maximize your Return on Investment even on non-performing assets.

Accounting System

From setting up your accounting system to protecting your assets, to saving on taxes.


Marketing Strategies

Find new ways to rebrand your products, create new market segments and more.

Strategic Planning

Are your competitors taking over your customers? It's time to do strategic planning.

Streamline Operations

Bring down your costs, simplify your procedures to maximize manpower hours.

Maximize Sales & ROI

We can plan your selling activities to make recommendations to bring in more sales

Staff & Personnel Training

Our experienced coaches work with employments of your company to help unleash their full potential and motivate them to perform better.

Teamwork Development

A more cohesive team will always produce better over-all result. Make your corporate events more exciting with our team building programs.


Your website is your store window to the world and must be a funnel to increase your revenue.

Distribution & Franchising

Expand your business to more territories using other people's capital. Franchise out your business with the least head-aches and capital outlay.


Have a business problem that needs solving, but don’t have time to find the best solution yourself? From marketing to full-scale performance and efficiency reviews, headhunting, in-depth performance, budgeting, efficiency, and management evaluation. We bring decades of experience to identify places to improve operations, bring in more revenue, build a balanced team, and increasing revenues without even having to increase staffing. Stay focused on what matters and fill out the following form and let us find the answer for you! We will work with you to help answer your specific questions.

Got questions or need help? Get in touch and let’s talk. Call Us : (+632) 7746 0442 | (+632) 8703 6158


Product Development

Developing new products or improve existing products so that your business can meet customers' needs more effectively.

Project Management

We provide the working process to implement your idea and to estimate its value for the overall success of your projects.

Resort Management

Tired of managing your resort or hotel? We can provide seasoned hotel staff and you can leave the management to us.

Team Management

Developing new products or improve existing products so that your business can meet customers' needs more effectively.

Tax Savings

Need someone to negotiate with the Bureau of Internal Revenue on your tax problems? We're just a phone call away to help you resolve accumulated taxes and penalties.

Social Responsibility

How to you fulfill your corporate social responsibility and yet save at the same time? Call us.

Events Management

We have more than 20 years experience managing events from private events to corporate functions that involve thousands of guests

International Expansion

Want to develop foreign markets for your products but don't know how to start? Have a talk with one of our export specialists.

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Got questions or need help? Get in touch and let’s talk. Call Us : (+632) 7746 0442 | (+632) 8703 6158

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